School is the main process in our life which form us, both intellectual and phycological, preparing us for life. Which is the most important stage in the educational process and what you learn extra in each period of time?

Your first contact with education is right in the heart of your family. Here you learn the basic information about behavior and standard response when you interact with others. When you are referring to academic education, where you learn what are real values, then you need some professionals around you.

Kindergarten followed by the primary school is the beginning of your social and intellectual developing.

What is the role of a teacher and what do we learn?

Usually, a primary teacher is responsible for a group of children and facilitates the learning process, often organized around integrated units, projects or broad learning areas (especially in the early years of primary education). However, a class may have other teachers, especially for some specialized subjects.

The learning outcomes of this education level are basic general knowledge; basic skills required to perform simple tasks; work or study under direct supervision in a structured context. For the next years, we are usually talking about establishing the bases for lifelong learning and human development, on the basis of which educational systems can further develop other educational opportunities.

Programs at this level are usually organized around a more subject-oriented curriculum, introducing theoretical concepts into a wide range of disciplines. What are the main skills which you are developing? Basic factual knowledge in a field of work or study, basic cognitive and practical skills required to use relevant information to perform tasks and solve routine problems by using simple rules and tools around you, work or study under supervision with a degree of autonomy.

What is the value of education?

The value of college education is given by the necessary qualifications for employment. In this way, you can be sure that you will have the right perspective and the necessary skill to fulfill your main task independently.

Programs at this level offer pupils a more varied, specialized and in-depth information and classes than any previous level of study. They are more differentiated with a wider choice of options and streams available.

The learning outcomes corresponding to this kind of education are: factual knowledge, knowledge of principles, processes and general concepts in a field of work or study, a range of cognitive and practical skills required to perform tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and information; taking responsibility for carrying out tasks in a field of work or study; adapting your own behaviour to problem-solving circumstances. Shortly, you will be able to do independent pretty much anything.

Has college a real value among children?

The real college value is seen after some time by students. They are so anxious to finish everything quickly and losing time doing nothing, that they forget to see beyond losing time. They will soon understand that their skills were developed over the years and it will be in handy soon and discover how important is to keep your work in a constant perspective.

The values of a college degree will be recognized by students after their first interview. At that moment they will understand that all the information learned in school was not without value and they will appreciate all the effort.  Even in some private interaction, they will see that their perspective will be a broader one given the fact that they will be able to speak on pretty much each subject.

But for many, finishing their college studies is something way too difficult. If you are a student, you must know that PapersOwl can write my dissertation and come in your help, even when you have all the alarms set with the reminder to “write my dissertation”. If you focus on what you have learned ,so far, you will see that this step is not so difficult as it sounds, and everything will be alright.

Is college as difficult as it sounds?

College is the final step for those who want to work in a proficient way and have theoretical information behind. Working hard during your education developing will help you making things on a proficient level.

In the end, you need to be curious and not afraid to challenge yourself each day. Don’t worry if you sometimes fail as this a normal thing – just take the good sides from each experience, and you will fulfill any target you want.