Is Capsule Endoscopy Right For You?

PillCam SB 3 is swallowed by patients, and then it takes as many as 60,000 images before exiting the body. A sensor belt is strapped around a patients waist, with a data recorder in a pouch. This data recorder then stores all the images received by the sensors in real time. Photo: Given Imaging Ltd. The product is expected to be available in October and will mainly help people with small bowel abnormalities, such as Crohns disease. The images will help doctors track any irregularities or changes in a patients GI tract, including ulcers, bleeding, and lesions. According to Given Imaging Ltd ., the inventor of the capsule, PillCam SB 3 weighs less than four grams and is about the size of a vitamin. PillCam SB 3 is the third generation of PillCam SB, which has been on the market since 2001 and administered to over a million patients.This procedure is less invasive than a traditional endoscopy , which comprises a doctor inserting a flexible tube with a camera on the end into the anus (colonoscopy) or esophagus (upper endoscopy) while the patient is sedated. There are several companies now producing imaging capsules for endoscopy. But which procedure is better: the traditional endoscopy or the capsule? Below is a breakdown of the two for you to compare, contrast, and decide for yourself. Prep Begin fasting around midnight before the day of the procedure. one-time offer