Is a scam?

Are you implying that Squidoo is a scam? Just because BBB says something is legit is about as meaningful as the tobacco companies saying smoking is not that bad. There have been multiple scams that the BBB have perpetrated where they took money for an A rating. (Just Google BBB Ratings Paid For)Squidoo has its issues, but they are not a scam. I still, even with their recent struggles make more than a decent sum monthly there.I have had 3 redemptions from Bubblews since May, all 3 took 3 days to post to PayPal as an echeck, then 5 business days from then to clear, always clearing the last hour of the deadline, these were modest 30 dollar or less redemptions. I know someone who still hasn't been paid have a Bubble go viral on Facebook, ran the bank up to near $500 I believe. They were only paid $100 of that, and not one dime more. So I - - believe they can't be totally trusted, I never write anything for them until after that redemption clears just in case I am ever denied. I know people who make as much as $400 a month there, but they must be spending 8 hours a day, they think they are making good money, but when broken down to and hourly rate, they are making so much less than minimum wage, I just don't understand the point.A quick $25 a month is pretty easy, and comes in handy at the end of the month sometime. But oh what an ugly site it is, and I don't see how they can keep their Adsense account forever, just so much spam.