Is a teacher's "McDonald's diet" education -- or marketing?

As the American college curriculum gets an overhaul, here's one more area administrators ought to be paying out attention to: how to handle a controversy.An Iowa science teacher named John Cisna has sparked criticism for taking his message about his "McDonald's Diet plan" into about 90 higher colleges and schools, with critics saying the system is small a lot more than corporate branding for a rapidly-food giant. Cisna is a "brand ambassador" for McDonald's (MCD), which is paying out for his time and travel, according to a spokeswoman for the fast-food giant.Cisna, 56, joined the lecture circuit after devising a prepare to drop fat by, according to his Facebook webpage, "consuming nothing but McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 90 days straight." His message: Americans can "shed fat whilst still consuming the food items you enjoy, like Big Macs and Hot Fudge Sundaes."He adds, "It is not the quick meals businesses making individuals excess fat."That message plainly struck a chord with McDonald's, which said it pays for Cisna's time and travel as properly as supporting his "wish as a teacher to give college students with details to make informed alternatives."But irrespective of whether or not one particular thinks it is advisable to turn to rapidly food as a bodyweight-reduction strategy, critics argue that Cisna's talk has no area in public schools, given that he's backed by a corporation that has a background of focusing on youngsters with advertising and marketing messages."At the end of the day, our schools must not be locations where corporations industry their manufacturers to children, and notably not McDonald's, provided its part in driving an epidemic of obesity," explained Sriram Madhusoodanan, an organizer at Corporate Accountability Global, a Boston-primarily based nonprofit.In an interview, Cisna explained his message is not about McDonald's particularly. The stage of his speak, he stated, is that he needs youngsters to comprehend it truly is not the place you eat, but how considerably you eat that prospects to weight problems. He mentioned that he began off at 280 pounds and was "actually excess fat" soon after consuming residence-cooked - Photography - dishes and foods at sit-down eating places. His weight-loss experiment revolved about eating a every day 2,000 calorie diet program at McDonald's, which he says demonstrates "there is no such thing as poor foods.""Each and every time we go to throw quick foods beneath the bus, it enables me," he said. "Let's quit blaming other things for weight problems."Not every person is purchasing Cisna's message. In the view of Corporate Accountability International, which has campaigned against the tobacco, bottled water and fast-foods industries, Cisna's speak is "totally subversive," Madhusoodanan extra. "At the finish of the day, this is one particular big informercial for McDonald's masquerading as training."Part of Cisna's message is advised through a movie called "540 Meals: Choices Make the Difference," which paperwork his experiment. In accordance to the weblog The Lunch Tray, Cisna desired to "discredit 'Super Size Me.'" That refers to the 2004 film by documentarian Morgan Spurlock, in which he ate only McDonald's foods. Far from shedding excess weight, Spurlock acquired 24 lbs.Cisna explained "Super Size Me" was one particular influence on his determination to try dieting at McDonald's. "I imagined, 'What is the educational worth to present a guy who eats uncontrollable quantities of meals, stops working out and gains weight? What is the worth in that?'"Spurlock, by the way, appears to view Cisna with the exact same level of antipathy, creating on Twitter on Thursday about Cisna's school talks: "Dear @McDonalds - thx for continuing to remind the Earth how terrible you are."McDonald's has produced a stage of focusing on colleges as a way to improve its brand, which is beneath strain from meals activists who say it contributes to America's obesity epidemic. Americans have in recent years increasingly choosing restaurants providing fresher foods, such as Chipotle (CMG) and Panera (PNRA), which rely on organic or ethically harvested foods for some dishes.Late final 12 months, a McDonald's executive said the company would refocus on advertising to kids and families due to the fact of a significant product sales slump. Part of that plan entails sponsoring kids' sports teams and McTeacher Nights, when teachers work at a McDonald's location for cost-free, with the restaurant offering twenty percent of the revenue to the teachers.Cisna mentioned colleges aren't canceling his appearances as a consequence of the controversy. Asked if he would consider halting his funding from McDonald's as a way to stay away from the visual appeal of marketing, he said he "cannot fathom" why men and women feel it really is problematic. He added that he couldn't afford to travel to colleges without having that support.2015 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved. href='' - and marketing/ -