Iowa Crop Consulting Firm Offers Ag Services From Drones

Octo Consulting Group Awarded $400 Million FBI Contract to Provide Critical IT Capabilities

Users create their own aerial maps with the simple hand-launch of the eBee into the air. Flight plans, created with SenseFly's eMotion 2 software, allow the user to plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of the eBee from either computer or mobile devices. Powered by a lithium polymer battery, each flight of the eBee can cover up to 120-150 acres and concludes with a controlled landing of the eBee. The real benefit is in what this user-friendly drone can produce for today's agricultural retailers and farmers. Postflight Terra software, included in the eBee package, rapidly processes the collected images, and through advanced geotagging, creates a well-designed orthomosaic. Additionally, the software can also produce 3D models from the collected high resolution, 16 megapixel images. Unlike the processing time required and seasonal restrictions of previous field data collection, farmers will now immediately be able to identify crop issues, machine problems and drainage concerns. This is a great addition to field data records as explained by Labre Crop Consulting owner, Brent Johnson, "Farmers have already found great value in collecting layered data to gain a greater understanding of what is happening in their fields. Now we have the answer to adding in the layer of data during the valuable time between planting and harvest to get a clear view of what is taking place." The eBee's modular design includes a wing span of 38 inches and wings that can be disassembled. visit

CFO Consulting Services Reveals How to Avoid 10 Major Small Business Problems

If any of these pillars become weak, the business can fail. CEOs and CFOs should be making periodic changes to ensure the business and its employees are refreshed and responsive. As changes are made and business plans are updated, small business owners should be able to avoid these problems. Teicher advises companies to devote more time to communicating the mission and vision, training and motivating employees. Poor focus and training leads to big mistakes, which can cost businesses a lot of money, he says. Unmotivated employees typically decrease productivity and customer satisfaction levels. visit

As the FBI mission continues to grow as challenges become more complex, the five-year, $400 million contract will assist the FBI advance critical technical capabilities. Octo is qualified to bid on all upcoming FBI ITSC task orders. In addition to the recent ITSC contract, Octo has supported the FBI across multiple branches including Information Technology, National Security, Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services, as well as Science and Technology. Octo brings great awareness and understanding of the FBI mission, operational activities and provides committed support staff that executes against established requirements. About Octo Consulting Group Founded in 2006 as a fresh alternative to the traditional consulting firm, Octo Consulting Group is an award-winning provider of technology solutions and management consulting services to the federal government. Octo empowers its consultants to deliver the results IT leaders in government and business need to improve performance and accomplish their missions. visit

Mortgage Recruiting and Consulting Firm Connects San Diego Real Estate Agents With Top Loan Officers

By doing these first initial steps, the real estate agents know exactly what the home buyer can afford. To find out how to connect with about partnering up real estate agents and loan officers, contact them at 877-889-7474 The company most known for offering mortgage branch opportunities to direct lenders across the country has a new spin on helping recruit loan officers for the banker branches they open. The offer home purchase leads to help loan officers built relationships with top real estate agents in each city they are employed. They are able to achieve this by using search engine marketing from the best SEO professional in America to rank the videos across the web. The consulting firm uses finance and banking forums to advertise the new branch opportunities to agents, and the videos for Realtors. The consulting firm is also actively looking virtual loan officers to work for their lenders that are looking to put loan officers in the field. visit