Invest South East England

Both domestic and foreign investors are looking to buy land available in south east England to produce above average capital gains quickly.
You also don't must be rich to make the most of this opportunity!
Land available in south east England is being bought by more and more small investors who're being advised by specialist land companies, to buy land that is probably be grated planning permission. Invest South East England
A large amount of farmland green belt and brown belt land must be developed on the coming years to feed the acute housing shortage in the UK.
The demand for premium land ensures that speculators buy land before it is granted planning permission and when permission is granted they are able to sell at a considerable profit.
Factors fuelling the UK land boom
1. The UK has already been one of the very most densely populated countries on the planet and has a fast rising population fuelled by mass immigration.
2. 250,000 to 3,500,000 new homes are needed over the following 15 years rising to 4,400,000 homes needed over the following 20 years to satisfy the shortage.
3. 90% of towns are unaffordable for 1st time buyers.
4. The UK suffers from some of the oldest housing in Europe and there is a significant shortfall in the method of getting affordable and mid priced housing.
5. Over the last 30 years demand for new homes has increased by around 30% and in exactly the same period house building has dropped by in excess 50%.
6. Since 1997, the UK Government has increased the typical amount of new homes built per hectare up from 25 to 40.
land in south east England offers the best potential
While land available in the UK supplies a great investment opportunity, it is land available in the south east of England that gives the greatest potential returns for buyers.
It will be here that the housing shortage reaches its most acute.
Land available in the south east of England is being bought and sold for big capital gains as London and the commuter towns to round the channel tunnel route see spreading urbanization
Past performance 920% AVERAGE growth in 20 years!
The average growth of UK Land values including farmland, greenbelt and brownbelt, has seen gains of 920% on AVERAGE in the above period; however speculators who've bought land in the proper location have seen even bigger gains.
If you should be looking to produce big gains in land, then land available in south east England, offers the best potential returns overall.
This trend looks set to function as the case for several years to come.
Risk & reward
Land offers investors great risk to reward, not only can inveztors make great gains, but they are able to achieve this with low downside risk!
The major risk in land investing is that the land isn't grated planning permission quickly, however - Invest South East England - as land tends to boost in value anyway, potential downside is relatively low.
How to get involved
For investors who want to buy land available in south east England there are many specialist land companies who is able to help.
By dividing large plots of land into smaller plots investments may start with as low as $10,000.
Investors could possibly get specialist advice on the best plots of land to buy and can also benefit from buy back options made available from developers.
Which means that if a plan of land must be sold quickly, there is a guaranteed buyer.
Land the perfect diversification for investors
Invest the all, the important points into consideration land available in south east England offers an outstanding investment chance for investors seeking above average growth with relatively low downside risk.