Invention Company Patent Rip-offs

How can an invention company rip you off if you hire them to get a patent? The answer is very simple. They only recommend that you get a Design Patent.To the novice inventor who didn't do their homework - proactol plus coupons - a Design Patent may sound very convincing and ethical. Hey, it's a patent issued from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), right? Yes, the fact is the USPTO does issue Design Patents. However, the unsuspecting inventor doesn't realize the true worth (or lack thereof) of a Design Patent. Here are the facts about a Design Patent:1. It lasts for 14 years.2. It only protects the visual look of the invention. It does not protect how it works.3. A Design Patent cannot be obtained from a Provisional Application for Patent if you had one. Only a Utility Patent can.4. Anyone else can take your Design Patent and modify it sufficiently enough to obtain a Utility Patent. You will therefore not have any rights to the new product covered by the Utility Patent.5. Manufacturers usually will not be as interested in a new product if it only has Design Patent protection. 6. Licensing Agents will also not be very interested in a new product with a Design Patent.7. The Design Patent costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than a Utility Patent to obtain and maintain. Invention scam companies know this and are pocketing the extra money you sent them by giving you only a Design Patent.So who is really benefiting from the Design Patent, you or the invention scam companies?Obviously if your invention is a product that doesn't have any moving parts or doesn't have a mechanical feature to make it operate then a Design Patent would be sufficient. I can tell you from experience that 95% of new inventions from the public have a mechanical feature and would require a Utility Patent, not a Design Patent.Invention scam companies care little about the inventor and their inventions. They only want to take you money and give you worthless services in return. Over $300 million dollars is wasted by the public on invention scam companies according to the FTC.If you don't want to be victimized, do you homework first and stay away from the invention scam companies at all cost. Do not be lured in by their commissioned sales people who sound good on the phone. Their only interest is to put your money in their pockets. If you believe you have an invention idea that has potential, there are many credible sources and several honest companies you can hire. You should talk to a patent attorney who will guide you. In fact, speak with at least 3 different patent attorneys before you hire one. You can call them on the phone and ask questions. The one that you feel the most comfortable with is the one you should hire.By: Jules MarcelArticle Directory: http://www.articledashboard.comJules Marcel is an accomplished writer, author, inventor and businessman. He hold several patents and is well versed in the invention industry. His web site and are both designed to help inventors understand the invention process without getting taken by the - where to buy capsiplex pills - invention companies. He cam be called at 516-499-7917 for invention information updates and patent information.