Introduction to Biomass Energy & Wood Boiler Heating Solutions

The Oxford Renewables aim is to build up the small-scale renewable energy capacity across the south of England with a range of wood boiler / biomass heating solution services & products. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly common as more and more people look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Traditional fuels such as oil, gas and LPG are costly, damaging to the environment and rapidly running out. Nor do they suit modern household and industrial demands for clean, efficient and locally abundant sources of energy. However, we all have access to wood and solar energy, which are environmentally sustainable energy sources as we are capable of controlling and managing the resource and renewing the available stock. As such, Oxford Renewables is proud to supply a range of wood boilers, solar and biomass heating solutions that are suitable for domestic, rural and commercial properties.
Wood boilers and Biomass heating solutions are fuel efficient, reliable, and safe. The solar and biomass heating systems we offer are eligible for incentives and bursaries from the government – so you can get paid to heat your space and save energy, also reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, the savings achieved by renewable and biomass energy means that the equipment pays for itself over time. Investing in renewable energy is investing in your future.
Biomass Heating
Biomass heating uses various forms of wood (pellets, chips, recently felled wood or waste timber etc) to fuel boilers and supply, most commonly, heating but can also be used to heat water too. Ideal for small to medium sized homes and businesses, biomass heating is incredibly efficient and offers excellent energy savings and reduced bills.  Biomass heating solutions can vary largely in size and there are several models available which are small enough for use inside the home. Larger properties can benefit from combined biomass boilers which use both pellets and logs for more effective heating and energy usage.
Multi Fuel Heating
Multi fuel heating, when used in reference to biomass energy, generally refers to heating systems that use more than one form of fuel – most commonly wood pellets and logs. Multi fuel heating is incredibly efficient as it can be loaded with logs in the morning, and once they have been used the boiler will automatically switch to burning pellets if more heating is required. Using multiple forms of fuel reduces the need for manual loading and also allows you to more effectively tailor your fuel usage to suit your energy requirements.
Solar Heating Systems
The solar heating systems provided by SOLARFOCUS combine biomass heating and solar panels for increased efficiency. These two forms of energy work incredibly well together because, during the summer months, using solar energy is a fantastic alternative to biomass and helps to prolong the life of the boiler. Solar energy is excellent for producing domestic hot water (DHW) and biomass energy can be used when the sun isn’t shining or you have increased demand. Additionally, biomass boiler installations require a large buffer store which are perfect for storing solar energy when the DHW tank is full, increasing your return on investment.
Enough solar energy falls on the earth’s surface in an hour, to provide the planet’s energy needs for a year. SOLARFOCUS thermal collectors play their part, getting ahold of up to 70% of that solar energy to drive heating and hot water systems within residential, commercial and industrial applications.
One of the simplest and most robust technologies in this field are the collectors.  These capture thermal energy from direct and ambient sunlight and stores it in liquid form. The hot liquid (usually glycol) then heats up water. Due to the simplicity of the conversion solar thermal energy does not create secondary emissions.
Domestic Biomass Boilers & Stoves
We offer a variety of biomass and wood boilers or wood stoves that are specifically designed for use in the home. Compact in size and requiring little storage space, domestic biomass boilers & biomass stoves are an energy efficient alternative to more traditional forms of heating and, when the Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced for home owners in 2014, it will provide an added stream of income in addition to excellent heat generation and energy savings.  Will also give you a return on your investment. Wood stove boilers or domestic biomass boilers can be used for both general heating and supplying hot water, and are available in various sizes and styles to suit individual preferences.
Commercial Biomass Heating 
During these financially constrained times many businesses are looking to invest what available capital they have in ways that both save them money and can also provide a source of revenue generation. The Oxford Renewables commercial offering does just that. We have helped schools, care homes, farms and Almshouses switch from their outdated, inefficient and costly fossil fuel systems to commercial wood-fuel / biomass heating alternatives. They all have cut their fuel bills by up to 50% and provide a new 20-year income stream via the RHI. Together, this adds tens of thousands of pounds to their bottom line. In pursuit of developing our offer we work in conjunction with CPL Industries to offer a containerised solution , the ‘CPL Pellet Box’.  It has been designed especially for commercial heating and industrial premises. As the boiler room and fuel store are built in the container and installed off site this offering is ‘ plug and play’. Within one week the container can be placed on a cement foundation and integrated into the building. This means there is minimal disruption on site and reduced time spent in heating system switchover.
Oxford Renewable supplies, installs and maintains the heating system while CPL Industries provide 200 years of experience in solid fuel distribution. Alongside receiving RHI revenue the equipment itself operates low fuel usage and requires little maintenance.
40′ container with two PelletTop 70kW boilers inside
Wood Boilers & Wood Stoves
The variety of wood boilers & wood stoves offered by Oxford Renewables will suit any premises and application.  Offering guaranteed energy savings and a return on your investment.
Because fuel for wood stoves or boilers is so readily available across the UK, using wood boilers helps to fund the local economy and rural companies while providing cheaper biomass fuel for your boiler or wood stove – especially when purchased in bulk. If you would like to know more about how wood boilers can be beneficial for you, please don’t hesitate to look around our website or contact us directly for more information.



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