Introducing the Parrot in Minecraft

A Parrot is a passive, flying, tamable mob in Minecraft.

Parrots spawn in Jungle Biomes. They could be reddish, green, blue, cyan, or gray in color. They move around by flying, but will often eventually land. They cannot walk, but can swim by flapping their wings (similar to Chickens). If a hostile mob is certainly nearby, they will look in its path and imitate the audio of the mob (though in a higher pitch). If untamed, they will often cluster close to a non-parrot mob.

When a Jukebox is taking part in music, parrots like to "dance" (as though the participant is holding right-click); when the music halts, every affected parrot stops dance. public minecraft servers is a mention of a meme that was popular at Mojang studios called, "Party Parrot.”

Players may tame a parrot giving them seeds. Once tamed, a parrot will follow the player around, and teleport to the their side if they move too far away. Walking right into a parrot may cause it to ride on a player's shoulder. In order to get a parrot off one's shoulder, a new player needs and then lose elevation (e.g. Jumping, traveling downhill, flying downward with Elytra, or by utilizing a Firework Rocket).

A parrot could be requested to sit by right-clicking on them. If a parrot is fed a cookie, it'll immediately die and emit poison contaminants. If the parrot was tame at that time it died, a server message will display: "Parrot was slain by ."