Interview With Hillcrest Author David Bajo About His New Medical Thriller

I was fascinated by what I saw, but had no thoughts of pursuing any medical profession. "I'm nervous about how my many brothers and sisters and in-laws in the medical profession will react to the book," he said. .More information. In 'Mercy 6,' I barely scraped the surface of the vast bank of medical cases I had at my disposal.. Bajo said, "I grew up in hospitals, not as a patient, but as an - interiorismo - observer. Bajo said, "I spent my youth in hospitals, not as a patient, but as an observer. The most powerful claim or impression is the one that goes viral. . It's disorienting and very challenging when our gained knowledge and cultivated instincts run counter to trends, compared to that which goes viral.According to Bajo, the struggle between perception and reality can be a power in "Mercy " He said, "Anna Mendenhall functions on science, research and instincts wrought by ten numerous years of ER training and experience. "Dinner talk was almost always medical, peppered with odd cases and fascinating human reactions to physiology. My father, one of the past doctors to produce house calls, would often take us kids on these calls, these long drives over the Otay Mesa visiting a most unique cast of characters. . . That facts are depending on appearance, fear, profit, and prescribed anticipation