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The kitchen has changed. Once the sole preserve of the lonely cook, today the kitchen has opened up for the whole family to use. But what is the most important thing you need in the kitchen of 2017? Well, light of course! First, find how many square meters your kitchen space is, then times it by 25. So, if your kitchen is 5 meters by 6 meters then that is 30 meters squared. Then times that by 25 to give you 750. This means that you should be looking for a minimum of 750 watts of basic lighting for your kitchen. This is the minimal amount that you will be requiring, just for basic tasks such as food prep or making a coffee.
There are some other methods of calculating the maximum lighting per square meter- not all are this Interior Designer Westlake Village generous – but we have opted for the upper end of the scale, after all, you can always turn the lights off or down if you don’t want that much light. As Interior Designer Westlake Village working with kitchens all the time across Los Angeles, we would also be advising additional lighting points than just the main areas. Contact to request more information at (805) 427-0200.