Intel Ceo Promises Broadwell Pcs By Christmas Back To School Less Likely

Krzanich as saying. On a slightly negative note, he also confirmed that it wasnt looking too promising for those looking to invest in a new Intel Broadwell machine when heading back to school in the fall. Back to school thats a tight one, said the CEO. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. Thats going to be tough. Taking the torch from Intels incredibly successful and undeniably impressive Haswell chips, Broadwell will reportedly deliver hugely increased processing power while cutting battery consumption by up to 30%. However, creating enough of the things to begin shipping in mass quantities to PC makers the world over has apparently proven a little more troublesome than even Intel had banked on.

Intel CEO: PCs with Broadwell chips on sale for the holiday shopping season - Neowin

That's the word, anyway, from the company's CEO, Brian Krzanich,after a few months of silence from Intel on the status of Broadwell. The company's last update on the processor was made in October , when it claimed that a delay in the manufacturingprocess for the new 14nmchip would push back its production until the first quarter of 2014. That time period has come and gone without Intel stating if mass manufacturing has in fact started. Intel CEO BrianKrzanich showed off a prototype Windows 8.1 Broadwell notebook in September. However, in a chat with Reuters , Krzanichfinally offered a little more information on the launch of Broadwell inside new PCs.

Stores welcome holiday shopping procrastinators

Best Buy is using the Twitter hashtag #LastMinuteGifts to promote its goods and on Tuesday evening hosted a Google+ Hangout chat with the last-minute gift theme. Targeting procrastinators. On Wednesday, J.C. Penney launches a "men in panic" TV ad. In it, a desperate man darts through a store as a small choir sings "point him to the jewelry so he won't buy a vacuum." Offering free shipping.