Integrity Toys Reveals Fr/fr2 For 2014

This past Saturday morning, WClub members were treated to the release of information on 4 of Integrity Toys product lines. I will be sending out 4 different blog posts to give information on these lines. If you are interested in any of these items, you should contact an Integrity Toys Dealer ASAP to secure your selection. Many of these items are already selling out as WClub members were allowed to order early.

First reveal up is the 2014 FR line. This years Safari inspired collection was a collaboration between designers Vaughn Sawyer and Jason Wu. This years collection focuses on the 8 core characters going forward with the new FR/FR2 concept. I would call it Safari Chic with some especially fine detailed accessories. It is a strong and fairly cohesive collection. I adore the color palette used in everything. The facial screenings are strong and sophisticated. The accessories are amazingly detailed (check out all the patterns and stitching on the purses alone).
Hair Color: Dusk Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
Holy accessories batman! You had me at the shoesat the shoes. The bag is a miniature copy of the Jason Wu Jordan bag. I love the soft neutral colors of this one. I also love the new facial screenings in this collectionmost evident in this Kyori. Again, this is all about the detailsand there were plenty to admire in this entire collection. I love the cross lacing on the skirt.
City Prowl

Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty Collection
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately August/September 2014
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
Wow!! Elise is one of my favorite face sculpts and this one does not disappoint.
And.for queen of harts handmade doll those lucky enough to have signed up for the Wclub this yearthere was a special unveiling event doll available to preorder
Event Doll
Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll Mini Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty Collection
2014 W Club Online Event Exclusive
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00 US
Limited Edition Size: TBA
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late Summer/Early Fall 2014
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpts: Agnes Von Weiss
Quick Switch Feature: No
Hair Color: Strawberry Red
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
I am thinkingBestEventDollEver! How can I pass up a redhaired updo Agnes? I cant.
I.T. also announced and showed a photograph of the an IT Direct shoe pack coming out in the fall. IT direct means lottery people. There were four pair of fantastic shoes shown in this pack but no pictures were released outside of the video. I.T. has asked that we not duplicate any portion of the webinar so I cant share a photo here. If you are WClub member, you can view the Webinar in its entirety on Vimeo. Just look in your email for a message from the Wclub for the address and password.
Poppy Parker 2014 release coming up in a minute.
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