Inflammatory Bowel Disease-causing Bacteria Linked To Meat-eating Diet

For example, a recent article published on BioNews Texas reported on how a common foodborne microbial may be to blame for the onset of Multiple Sclerosis in some patients. Now, a similar report has emerged, linking bacteria to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The study, which was recently conducted by researchers at Harvard and published in Nature, reveals that animal- or meat-based diets may in fact contribute to the development of inflammatory bowel disease and related diseases of the gut. The study involved the analysis of eleven volunteers, who ate either animal-based of plant-based diets for five days as a means of testing levels of bacteria in the gut. The findings showed that after just five days, the animal-based dieters revealed an eight-fold increase in the gut bacteria known as Bilophilia wadsworthia, which is believed to cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Conversely, the same type of bacteria in the gut fell by a three-fold factor in those who only ate plant matter. The study also found that concentrations of deoxycholic acid, a comp loud linked to liver cancer, were also elevated in those test subjects who only ate meat. The findings of this study are still preliminary, and more research will have to be conducted in order to draw conclusive parallels between carnivorous diets and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. However, the study reveals yet one more disease that is stoked by the growth of a particular bacteria a revelation that could aid researchers in developing more effective treatments and vaccines. 2014-01-31 why not try these out