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We wanted to say Hi guys, were over here, with so many other blogs tearing down and attacking celebs we wanted to show the other side of the experience. was just a first step. I hit up a few college friends, guys I knew were just as anal as I was about this culture, we were all uber hip hop heads, and I said hey, we know this music, we know this culture, we all live this life, lets contribute to that which got us here, Hip-Hop? Urban Digital Media is more than just a blog; its actually a multi faceted self-produced media, app & software development firm. We see the web as the last frontier, with out giving to much away we see the future and feel we can play a part in it. Urban Digital Media, or UDM embarked on the 2nd phase of its initiative UDM Group, the record label aspect of the Brand. We started UDM Group to give artists we felt were dope but couldnt get signed, were being ignored, or just didnt have the means. We dont 360, we tailor make each situation to the artist.

Next Media created new digital services for the media sector - VTT played a major role in user-centric co-development

For media to be a successful lead generator, it has to be attractive. Buyers intuitively ask the following three questions to make that assessment. a. Does the business want to help? b. Is the business capable of helping?

VTT also made experiments on html5-based newspaper publication, aimed at automatic digital production process of newspapers, and provided assistance for defining the transmission chain and operating models for e-book metadata required for electronic library services. The Next Media programme, initiated by Digile Oy, studied the key development areas of a media sector making the transfer towards digital services. The studies included the media experience in digital terminals, the significance of media in the everyday lives of people, and the management of large amounts of media data. The Next Media partners included nine research organisations and 76 companies. Sanoma served as the lead company of the programme.