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So finally I advised him to use PDFtoHTML to convert the pdf document to html and then use MS Word to open the same copying the text out from there. I know this is a cross country trip but if someone has a better way to carry out the same using only open source software please let us know. But what I was able to do was first print the pdf to aps file (postscript printer required).
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We evaluate/compare at text handling across the following factors: Text Flow (i.e. how easy it is to edit or work with the resulting text), Text Accuracy (will there be a faithful conversion?, or will the resulting text be glitchy), support for special characters (which will be very important for some), and whether the converted document will retain hyperlinks that may exist in the original PDF.
There are several factors that affect text handling, but I will say this: all of these tools will convert text more or less satisfactorily for most PDFs. Assuming you are converting a PDF to Word in order to be able to edit it, it would be a lot easier if the text flowed continuously and was not interrupted by carriage returns or was dispersed across many separate text boxes. You care about this if your original PDF contains hyperlinks that you would like preserved in the Word document. I have been looking for a free program to convert the files I need for a long, long time.
If you scanned a paper document, you can't do it. If you created a PDF through Distiller or Adobe Acrobat, you can convert it back. It lets you add, modify, and delete text, making it like you are working with a word processor, easily and quickly. Every time when you need to edit text in PDF files in Mac, just click the Touchup tool in the toolbar, and then click on the PDF file to change the text.
The advanced version of the document enables a user to insert tables, columns, charts, graphics and much more to the electronic file. The latest version of the Word file has security features but it is not as advanced as the ones introduced in PDF document. A person can use the PDF format for the purpose of sharing bulky information with the physically distant users.