In which a reader says Im wrong on every level (Warning: contains adult content)

Lees note: This arrived in my inbox Tuesday evening. The puking emoticon may be my favorite.Your comments on the Legislator of the Year award by the Florida Sheriffs Association are unwarranted, misguided and yet another example of ass-kissing the NRA.It doesnt say a GD thing in the Constitution about Open Carry, Campus Carry or any of the other unlimited restrictions the NRA would have us believe are so necessary. Well regulated militia it does say.Why in the hell does the NRA think it can shove fking guns into every aspect of our society and then attack anyone who feels differently? Its like a cult.Professional law enforcement has almost universally opposed open - big tits free shemale web cams - carry, but the NRA and its ass-kissers in the House of Morons that is the Florida legislature know better. You too. This was the biggest piece of shit opinion Ive read in a good while and Im old enough to have read