In U.s., Wealthier Most Likely To Do Holiday Shopping Online

In fact, the Internet looks to be the most common place to find wealthier shoppers this holiday season, with more saying they will shop online than in department stores, discount stores, and specialty stores. These results from a Gallup poll conducted Nov. 7-10 show that Americans who earn less than $30,000 per year are the least likely income group to say they will do their holiday shopping online (15% very likely); they are most likely to say they will shop at discount stores (43%) or department stores (38%). Americans earning between $30,000 and $74,999 are more divided in their preferences on where to shop: 34% are very likely to do their shopping online, 41% in department stores, and 42% in discount stores. Americans with higher education levels are more likely than those with lower education levels to say they will do their holiday shopping online and less likely to mention department and discount stores. This pattern is likely attributable to the high correlation between income and education. Online Shopping Not Dominant Among Young or Male Americans Americans younger than 50 are more likely to say they will do their holiday shopping online (41%) compared with those 50 and older.

Stores welcome holiday shopping procrastinators

HOLIDAY SHOPPING: All the latest news, tips for the shopping season This holiday shopping season is shorter than last, with six fewer days translating into just four weekends instead of five. The final two weeks of the year account for as much as 30% of holiday season sales, the National Retail Federation says. In-store retail sales for the week of Dec. 9 to Dec. 15 were down about 1% from the same week last year, according to ShopperTrak data released on Tuesday. Snowstorms in the Midwest and Northeast kept people from shopping, Martin says.

Best apps for the iPhone: Apps for Christmas shopping

We do, too. You've heard the saying "There's an app for that" and there is! We're bringing you fun and useful apps for your iPhone every week. Today, we're sharing five apps for Christmas shopping. Stick to your budget and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with these helpful Christmas shopping apps for your iPhone.