In Newly Solvent California, Dems Propose Free Preschool

go to website "I think it's going to be a huge waste of money and it's going to be another epic fail," said Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who is running for governor with support from the GOP's Tea Party wing. "But it's a great jobs program for the teachers union." Tom Torlakson, California's superintendent of education and a co-sponsor of Steinberg's bill, said the slow start built into the plan is deliberate, partly to spread out the cost and make it more palatable to Brown and other fiscal moderates. The gradual ramp-up, which would cost $198 million per year over the five years, would also allow school districts to better prepare for an onslaught of 4-year-olds, Torlakson said. STAKING OUT GROUND ON THE BUDGET Brown, who previously governed California from 1975 to 1983, this site has toed a centrist line since taking the helm again in 2011. He has repeatedly cautioned progressive lawmakers not to overspend now that the state has its first real surplus in years. Read more:

California Dreamers: Education for All

It was good for me to be listening to her enthusiastic hopes of giving back to the community that has given so much to her. This conversation took place just a few days after the California Supreme Court granted Sergio Garcia the license to practice law in California. Jennifer Medina in her New York Times piece on September 20, 2013 cites UCLA professor Hiroshi Moromura: It's a recognition that how people are living and working in their community might trump their formal legal status," said Hiroshi Motomura, an immigration law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. "There is an argument that in parts of California a jury without a legal permanent resident is not really a jury of peers. Some view citizenship as the final consecration of complete integration, but this says, 'Let's take who we have and get them to participate in our civil institutions. I am myself a naturalized citizen of the U.S. Read more:

California Man Stole DuPont Secrets, Prosecutors Say

auto-paint at Haydocy Automotive in Columbus, Ohio. An employee paints a car with DuPont Co. auto-paint at Haydocy Automotive in Columbus, Ohio. Close Close An employee paints a car with DuPont Co. auto-paint at Haydocy Automotive in Columbus, Ohio. Read more:

California should get on the trade fast track

About Motley Rice LLC Motley Rice is one of the nation's largest plaintiffs' litigation firms. With a tradition of representing those whose rights have been violated, Motley Rice attorneys gained recognition for their pioneering asbestos lawsuits, their work with the State Attorneys more... General in the landmark litigation against Big Tobacco, their representation of 9/11 victims, families and survivors in the ongoing lawsuit against terrorist financiers, and their role as negotiators in the ongoing litigation related to the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Motley Rice is headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., and has additional offices in California; Connecticut; Louisiana; Washington, D.C.; New York; Rhode Island and West Virginia. Motley Rice LLP operates the California office. Read more:

Despite recovery, fiscal restraint urged in California budget plan

There would be more business for our small manufacturers and service providers, increased traffic through our ports, new customers for Silicon Valley technology, and more exports of dairy goods, nuts, citrus and other agricultural goods. Californians would gain vast new opportunities across the world, giving rise to thousands of jobs in a state where unemployment is at 8.5 percent - among the highest in the nation. But the deals face opposition from powerful interest groups, including union leaders (who fear competition from nonunion businesses) and environmental extremists (who view commerce, manufacturing or any productive economic activity as a sinful intrusion on the unspoiled state of nature). Trade is more widely supported by congressional Republicans, but even in our own camp 22 House members signed a letter opposing trade promotion authority. Some have expressed concerns about the pact's constitutionality. Read more:

Billion Dollar Lead Public Health Ruling Finalized In California

Brown's proposed budget increases spending by about 4 percent for Medi Cal, the state's version of the Medicaid healthcare program for the poor and disabled, and no longer calls for a retroactive reduction of fees paid to doctors. But the governor's program of fiscal restraint still includes a 10 percent cut in medical fees going forward, which healthcare experts have said would lead many physicians to refuse to accept Medi Cal patients. The plan also proposes using $250 million in funds raised through California's carbon trading program to support the state's planned high-speed rail system, which has run into legal problems and rising criticism. IMPROVING ECONOMY Brown ended a decade of budget deficits in June by signing a spending plan for the current fiscal year with a surplus to help the state set aside $1.1 billion in reserve. California's revenue has been on the upswing as its economy gradually improves and since Brown rallied voters in 2012 to approve temporary increases to the state sales tax and personal income tax rates for the wealthy. Revenue from taxes on the wealthy's capital gains have figured prominently in the state's stronger revenue, which the Legislative Analyst's Office in November said could leave the state with a $2.4 billion reserve for the current fiscal year - more than double the Brown administration's estimate. The reserve could climb to $5.6 billion in the next fiscal year assuming the state's current fiscal policies do not change, the office added. Read more: