in hospital for longer than expected

ive had the operation on my leg now.i thought id be out today but im gna be in for around a week i may b avin plastic surgery on it.i av tv,radio n internet so im not too fussed.except the chat on here dont work or fb chat. so i can only keep in touch via messages n hugs.the op went ok which is good,i cant waait til i can start running n boxing.i'm in quite a goood mood i guesss,apart from the chat thing.but at least i av some internet.i was in a great mood earlier but had a nap and hhad a real vivid dream where i got the thing i want more than anything,i woke up n for about a minute thought i actually had it.then realised i dont n probli never will :( but aparrt from that thinggs r lookin up