Importance of Upvc windows & Wind load calculations.

• High rise living increased.
• Trend is for the bigger openings and bigger the opening more the Windload exposure.
• Ravaging environments day by day due to global warming effects.
• Its a Additional preventive safety measure like earth quake protection which was earlier not thought of.
As per IS 875 – III, wind load depends on,
1. Basics wind speed at the location,
2. Life of the building.
3. The surrounding catagory.
4. Height of the structure,
5. Geometry of the building
6. Ground slope near the structure.

EI Value
Also called as Flexural strength which is a measure of how rigid is the glass supporting member, which depends on,
1. E – Young’s modulus, an material property for strength.
2. Second moment of inertia of area, an geometrical property of the shape of load bearing member
Higher the EI value of section, more the strength in that direction for bending


For example:
area 5thflr 10thflr 15thflr 30thflr
Delhi 1559pa 1862pa 2078pa 2386
Mumbai 1366pa 1631pa 1821pa 2091pa
Kolkata 1764pa 2107pa 2352pa 2700pa
Bangalore 768pa 918pa 1025pa 1176pa
Chennai 1764pa 2107pa 2352pa 2700pa

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