Immune System Enhancers

People could get sick all year long but wintertime looks like it's particularly rough on the immune system. It's not like the brand "flu season" wasn't assigned to wintertime for a reason. Cold weather, harsh conditions--these all make the immune system weaker. It is actually difficult to lose the flu when you are fighting to stay warm. The insufficient access to fresh air and being compelled to spend the majority of your time indoors where it is stuffy can make it very difficult for your body to keep a cold from setting in. A residence that never has opened windows is a mating ground for cold germs. Here are a couple things you can use in making your immune system stronger.Get physical exercise. Regular physical exercise can make you sweat and increases your endorphins. Not only will it enable you to stay healthy and regulate your weight, getting regular exercise will make your immune system stronger too. The endorphins that run through one's body won't just help raise your mood during the colder and darker winter months. They help the immune system stay stimulated and that makes it easier to keep infections from setting in. Studies show that getting five days of exercise a week can reduce the amount of sick time you take by almost half.Go get yourself a massage. Do you really require an excuse to treat yourself to a daytime of pampering? Swedish massage, particularly, has been proven to help the body fight off illnesses. A therapeutic massage will stimulate the cells in your body that fight against illness and raise your blood circulation at the same time. Not only that but receiving a forty five minute Swedish rub down can help you relax. Lots of things are better when you aren't bogged down with pressure. You might be tempted to remain away from people today for "flu season." After all, if you don't spend a lot of time around others you won't be as likely to contract a thing that makes you sick, right? Technically that may be correct. The fact that social interaction, particularly with people you like (your friends) elevates your mood is also true. Nobody is certain exactly why the immune system works much better when you're in a good mood but it does. You will need those afternoons filled with friends and fun to stay healthy. Don't keep away from your mates. There are a lot of different things you can do to fight off the different types of germs that you come into contact with but there isn't anything that may replicate the effect that having fun with friends has on the body.Keeping healthy throughout the winter season doesn't have to be complicated. The simple fact is that a lot of the things you might be thinking of avoiding are the same things that can help you stay healthy. Obviously, before you get all gung ho and look at something brand-new, you should talk to your doctor. Your doctor might have some surprising tips for helping you fight off the flu during 'flu season.'