Illinois bishop to hold prayers of 'supplication and exorcism' against 'evil' marriage equality

Daily Kos: Illinois bishop to carry prayers involving 'supplication and also exorcism' against 'evil' marriage equalityThe Bishops hold the moral authority of your tapeworm, and the entire world is planning to be significantly much better when the Catholic Church withers, dries up and also blows away such as the dust involving ancient cow manure.For just about all involving the manufacturer new Pope's conciliatory words, when he had been Jorge Bergoglio he said which gay marriage throughout Argentina has been "a 'move' of the father involving lies which wishes for you to mistake along with deceive the kids associated with God." Thus Bishop Paprocki will perform an exorcism as the governor signs exactly the same sex marriage bill.Here's the particular idea, as I comprehend it. God will be beneficent, all knowing, and many types of powerful. God come up with universe the ones (the latter "in his own image"). He place the folks in a garden in which also, he positioned a pair of trees, pertaining to mysterious reasons, through which usually he instructed them never to eat. In spite of his becoming most effective and all knowing, another being, in the form of the talking snake, succeeded in getting the people you may eat an apple, which usually God didn't find out about at the time, despite his omniscience, because he has been apparently distracted elsewhere. so God cursed the folks with regard to their sin associated with doing what he presumably knew these folks were likely to accomplish along with which usually they would simply because these folks were of the nature which he produced them.Some time later on (it used to become with regards to 4,000 many years later, however since the Bishops now say they will accept scientific accounts regarding human antiquity it's impossible to always be able to say when all this shit supposedly happened nor can it be inside in whatever way coherent) God impregnated the married woman along along with his son, who was additionally himself, who he then deliberately had tortured in order to death to end up being able to spend for your sin regarding the people consuming the apple thousands (?) of years before, yet he your son/God wasn't actually dead he just rose up in to the sky. Which indicates God will no more need to torture everybody inside hell forever, only the those who don't think this crap.Nowadays a few regarding the people who God manufactured in his own image are marrying folks associated with the same sex, that God really does not want them to do, but it is happening since several various other dude -- maybe the same entity because the snake, it's not obvious -- can be rendering it legal. Omnipotent while he may be, God can't do anything regarding in which himself, yet if your bunch regarding old men within fancy silk dresses chant and also wave incense around along with ring bells along with snuff out candles, maybe the snake factor will slither away following all.The old men will do this during his or her breaks through raping children, of course.The 12th Century is so over. get used to it.