Idea of Voltage Stabilizers

voltage stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer is specified by four independent overall performance parameters which are essential and sufficient to establish its overall performance and an equivalent circuit of four components is derived to depict it. Corresponding parameters for a stabilizer linked with a load are evaluated in terms of parameters of the stabilizer itself and the load resistance by signifies of this equivalent circuit. In the circumstance of a stabilizer linked with a load and electricity provide, corresponding over‐all parameters are outlined, and the basic solution of the problem of expressing the over‐all performance parameters in terms of parameters of the stabilizer alone and the load and provide resistances is received. Prior final results are dependent on 3 explicit performance parameters, and the scenario of the basic stabilizer is tractable only by the use of a supplementary treatment to contain a fourth parameter. The present final results generate an analytical criterion for the circumstance the place the three‐parameter analysis applies right and permit immediate analysis of over‐all performance parameters in the common scenario without having reference to the inner configuration of the stabilizer. Confirmatory experimental benefits are introduced.