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The controlled media is up to its usual tricks. They discovered long ago that the best way to manipulate what is the news is to blatantly distort and lie about the subject - or simply ignore it pretty much.Into #LINK#? Research nearby animal control and discover if it is a kill or no kill shelter exactly what its policies for intake and adoption are. Do not like what you discover, join up. Write a letter to the op/ed page in your newspaper. Encourage others to get involved and attend city council birthdays. Go to YAHOO groups and enroll in a rescue friendly group much more details more exactly how you may help locally.If Barack obama had one ounce of honesty and courage he hold boldly told his first debate audience that he was in order to be modify his spending plans and concentrate on reducing the nation's debt. Exactly why did he not express deep sadness that online marketing bailout was repeating a protracted history of making a mockery of capitalism, with government refusing to permit most large companies neglect? When corporate fat cats know which can continue to rape the actual and move on with a great money, all we have is corporate socialism. The reason why did we not hear Obama discuss his resolve for put corporate criminals in prison? Not dozens, but hundreds of Wall Street thieves and lying bank officials always be dragged publicly in handcuffs into the justice system. Why can't Obama talk this great way?As the economy continues its downward spiral, many experts are fearing how the US will finish up within a depression. The actual use of instability inside of the middle east, many think how the days of five dollar per gallon gas is just around the corner. This could be the one-two punch that sends our economy into a tailspin. Common there was 1.6 million bankruptcies filed and next year that number is for you to increase. Most Americans are pretty resilient and hope that their financial situation will get better. The average citizen carries consumer debt in the actual quantity of $20,000. Operating these numbers, the perfect storm has been created is force many more into bankruptcy filing. You will find things which should know better in this case.That can bring us for the Iowa Tax Forum held on June 30 in Des Moines. Of the 10 official Republican presidential candidates, all were invited - except one. Ron Paul had not been invited, as stated by forum sponsors, because he was not a "serious" student. He didn't have a "serious" successful campaign, or any "serious" organization in Iowa.In 1972, the Democratic Party pushed for, and received, Thomas Eagleton's dismissal from the party tickets. Although the candidate claimed to withdraw for "personal" reasons, everyone understood that he became a liability the particular media exposed that he had undergone shock therapy for a treatment for depression.So that's it. You can elect Ron Paul and the restoration of Democracy, or vote for Barack Barack obama. In which case. Bombs Away! Or you can roll the dice and among the other candidates. In order to pick an individual that really doesn't represent preferred interests, don't blame i am. Happy 4th of July!