Icardio Heart Monitor App Launches For Android

Get Back in Shape with the Polar WearLink Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

As you might expect, it's pretty easy to turn your smartphone into such a tool. One popular heart-rate monitoring app is Digifit's iCardio, which has been available for iPhone and iPad users but was released today for Android. iCardio features an all-in-one exercise tracker for use outdoors or in the gym. The app measures, monitors and reports most exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running, biking or even shooting hoops, in real-time. GPS data enables route mapping, and displays user's speed, pace, distance, elapsed time and approximated calorie burn -- reported via brilliant colorful displays and timely voice feedback. Beats per minute are graphed on top of customizable heart zones, providing a visible record of heart rate activity throughout each workout. This helps users fully manage their exertion to maximize performance, burn the most fat calories, safely rehab or re-engage in an exercise practice that is sustainable. iCardio synchronizes with Digifit's website, My.Digifit.com , where users can create personalized profiles, store, review and compare past workouts. ..Visit http://www.phillyburbs.com/lifestyle/your_health/icardio-heart-monitor-app-launches-for-android/article_3ec42854-b4b6-11e1-a314-001a4bcf6878.html for more content.

Polar WearLink Transmitter With Bluetooth Design The Polar WearLink is a simple gadget consisting of a chest strap and a small plastic transmitter. The whole unit is small enough that it will fit easily under a t-shirt and will be barely visible. Note: my unit says Polar for Nokia, as I got this as part of the Nokia N79 Active package, however it works perfectly well with my HTC Desire Z. Regular Polar WearLink units wont come with this engraving. Polar WearLink chest strap and transmitter The straps soft fabric helps it adapt to your body size (M to XXL) and shape without restricting your movement freedom. It is also machine washable, antibacterial, and from personal experience doesnt provoke any itching or uneasy feeling. It comes with a simple hooking mechanism that helps you wear it and remove it as quickly as possible. The back of the chest strap holds the two electrodes regions that pick up your hearts signals, covered with a mesh-like fabric. ..Visit http://android.appstorm.net/reviews/accessories-reviews/get-back-in-shape-with-the-polar-wearlink-bluetooth-heart-rate-monitor/ for more content.