'i Was In Agony In The Big Brother House': Towie's Sam Faiers Speaks Out About Her Shock Crohn's Dis

Qu Biologics Opens Crohn's Disease Clinical Trial to U.S. Participants

This Morning's Dr Chris Steele explained that Crohn's disease was an inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract which often affects people between the ages of 15 and 30 years old. Sam looked fabulous at the ITV studio today for her This Morning appearance Sam says that she fell ill with stomach cramps and diarrhoea just days into her stay on Celebrity Big Brother She might have been feeling terrible but Sam still managed to look great in the house Sam admitted that she had been getting symptons such as diarrhoea for a year but had just put them down to her partying lifestyle. There is no known cause but smoking is thought to be a factor - and Sam said that she hadn't touched a cigarette for five weeks now. She is currently on medication to treat the condition and for the next six weeks will just drink meal-replacement shakes to give her system a rest. 'I'm improving all the time,' she said. Sam was determined to make it to through to the end of Celebrity Big Brother In spite of being branded 'boring' by viewers who didn't know she was ill, Sam finished 5th overall Seeing her family, including fellow TOWIE star Billie who is expecting her first child, so concerned about her has made Sam more determined to feel positive about her condition. 'My family were really concerned and upset,' she said. 'It made me want to be more positive and I want to get awareness out there.' Dr Steele said that while at the moment there was no known cure for the condition, meanwhile Sam will learn how to live with Crohn's, he also said that it was very manageable. 'Rick Parfitt of Status Quo had it since he was 10,' he said. 'It can be managed. But people shouldn't ignore it if they have any symptoms - they would need to see a specialist. Symptoms of Crohn's include weight-loss, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, aching limbs and weakness. Last night TOWIE viewers saw Sam's sister Billie get emotional while discussing Sam's Crohn's disease Billie Faiers breaks down as sister Sam tells about Crohn's CROHN'S DISEASE: THE FACTS Crohn's disease, named after American gastroenterologist Burrill Crohn who was one of several scientists to identify the condition, is an inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is not yet known what causes Crohn's disease but genetics are thought to play a part, as it is less common in African and Asian nations than in the West. here is what you need http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2566547/I-agony-Big-Brother-house-says-TOWIEs-Sam-Faiers-opens-Crohns-disease-shock.html

Gunn commented. Sixty adults with active moderate-to-severe Crohn's disease are being recruited to evaluate Qu Biologics' investigational new treatment, QBECO SSI, for Crohn's disease. A maximum of 30 U.S. patients will be allowed to participate in this Phase 1/2 Crohn's disease research trial, located in Vancouver, Canada. The main purpose of this study is to test whether this investigational treatment is safe and effective for the treatment of Crohn's disease. Prior to this formal clinical trial, ten patients with Crohn's disease were treated with QBECO SSI in a compassionate use program. All ten patients reported improvement in symptoms while on SSI treatment. Seven of the ten patients reported full resolution of clinical symptoms with a course of SSI treatment of three months or more. Four of these patients have had sustained clinical remission after discontinuing all medications including SSI treatment. The longest case of clinical remission reported is still ongoing after more than three and a half years. These previous ten patients were treated under a compassionate use program, not a controlled blinded clinical trial, and therefore these results do not provide proof of benefit. Anyone interested in participating in the Crohn's disease clinical trial can take a pre-screening questionnaire at www.qucrohnstrial.com . About Qu Biologics Qu Biologics develops Site Specific Immunomodulators (SSI), a novel class of immunotherapies that aim to reboot the body's immune system. SSIs are designed to stimulate an immune response in targeted organs or tissues to potentially reverse the chronic inflammation underlying many conditions including cancer and autoimmune disease. The company is currently recruiting participants for a Phase 1/2 clinical trial to research SSI therapy for the treatment of Crohn's disease. my review here http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Qu+Biologics+Opens+Crohns+Disease+Clinical+Trial+to+U.S.+Participants/9199477.html

Sam Faiers talks Crohns disease in first TV interview since diagnosis

The reality television star hit the headlines after it emerged she was battling a mystery illness during her time on Celebrity Big Brother. Struck by severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea and sickness, Sam lost over a stone in weight and was hospitalised several times as medics tried to find out what was wrong. On February 14 Sam was finally diagnosed, and today she joined This Morning to explain more about the condition, and why she wants to warn others to be aware of the symptoms that she brushed off for so long. Five days after entering the Big Brother house, Sam was struck down by crippling symptoms. I had really bad stomach cramps, I was doubling over, tears to the eyes, I couldnt hold food down. Every time I was eating or drinking something within minutes I was getting sickness or diarrhoea. I was like, Oh my God, whats happened to me? Sams symptoms were so bad she found it hard to be involved in any of the activities in the fly-on-the-wall show, leading some critics to blast her as boring. But behind the scenes, Sam was seriously struggling, as she battled what she believed at the time to be a tummy bug or virus. But with weight dropping off her day by day, plus terrible muscle aches and fatigue, it soon became clear something more serious was wrong. This weight was falling off me and I just thought, This cant be a tummy bug, Sam explained. After her diagnosis, it became clear that Sam had actually been struggling with Crohns for almost a year, with the reality star putting frequent bouts of diarrhoea and cramps down to leading a busy life and perhaps not always following as healthy a diet as she could. sources tell me http://shows.stv.tv/this-morning/showbiz/265204-sam-faiers-talks-crohns-disease-in-first-tv-interview-since-diagnosis/