I Shouldn't Be Here Anymore..I Will Be Gone Shortly..

Well, it seems like all I do is cause problems...thats what my sister just told me anyway..
"Dad has a $13,000.00 hospital bill because of you."
"You're the reason this family is screwed up."
"We would be a lot happier if it wasn't for you."
Well sis I will leave then. I will leave forever and never come back. Then will you be happy????? All I want is for you to be happy and for the rest of my family to be comfortable and happy so I will leave and wont cause anymore problems....
I am just done with this crap. I dont need to live, I am not important in the world. I am just a stupid girl, who has been knocked down a numerous amount of times. I am all out of faith and hope.
I dont know what else to do. This is how I feel all the time but right now my feelings about killing myself just sky-rocketed.
Good-bye. I am done trying to make people happy, I just make everyone misreble. I am so sorry to everyone who I have hurt by accident I never meant to hurt ANYONE.
I Love You:
Emilee, Kenny, Dad, Mom, Mindi, Duke, Dobby
I hope I will always be in your heart...



:( dont let anyone get to u.. u are important.. remember your mum loves u... yesterday she was there the whole day to keep u safe...
then how can u say u are worthless.... u make me happy.. who said? u r not important...??
im your sis as well remember.. :) don\'t give ears to your sis... siblings are brats.... they just bully for no reasons.. you should have told your sis that u dont owe that bill to her... its not just her dad.. its Your dad as well... and you deserved it....
if she has a problem then she should keep her nose away....