I'm off

It's official. On Tuesday this week, my doctor's nurse called me and told me that the doctor is taking me off the chemo and to remain off for now. She said they will reevaluate me again at the end of August when I get my next MRI. This move was prompted by the results of the blood tests I had starting in the middle of June. They were pretty bad, so more were done.
Now I can recover and get better. While I still have other health issues to take care of, I am grateful that I am off the chemo. I was put on chemo back in September 1998 and have remained on it since then everyday. I was an early adopter of the treatment for brain tumors and I think I have been on it the longest and the longest living patient on it. That's a pretty good success to me! 
I don't believe that the brain tumors are dead or gone. In fact they are still there and visible in every MRI that I get. Even new ones have been found in the last couple of years. But they don't seem to be doing anything, so that is also a good thing. I hope they remain dormant and inconsequential forever more. 
My next step is to get better treatment for all the other problems that have developed because of the tumors. Maybe now my body will be stronger than ever and recover better than ever. 
Through it all, my chief doctor, advisor, and best friend has stayed with me. I owe it all to Him and to all my other friends and family here on earth and DS.
What a beautiful day!