I have the cold

And no, it's not 'Man Flu'! ;)
I had to go out to the 24 Hour shop at 4 this morning to buy Milk and Beechams. The main 24-Hour Shop had no Beechams, but the other 24-Hour Shop (Cookstown has two 24-Hour Shops) did. It makes me appreciate where I live even more.
When I was up last night I designed the Canadian Maple Leaf symbol using Inkscape. It was pretty good, but I still need to iron out a few deficiencies. My Brother says I need to do a lot more work, but then he never appreciated what I do. ;)
I called the Wife of my Gran's Nephew to collect the Pamphlet from the Chapel this morning.
I was in a telephone meeting for DA last night and the discussion was about Tradition 1. (long format) It reminded me of Gestalt Psychology, where "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!" I send my thoughts by email and a guy replied castigating what I said. His loss, I guess.
Grateful for the two 24-Hour shops in the same town, as well as for Inkscape and GIMP. Also grateful for my Peeps in recovery.