I hate you. at Sam just go have a look at the Tesco hudl who once again with another. little look at

hate you. at Sam just go have a look at the Tesco hudl who once again with another. little look at the performance of these I'm festival we gonna Hudl Accessories room. Geekbench and see. stopped or not here we can see the Texas as a . you get her. process on sounds Tesco offering themselves polish. sure by Randy down to . and the right but I Z. and you can see there it's got I. many points as RAM left from the one gig. with the operating system install running. okay so it's rude benchmarks. she took mix okay so there we go. on a single call its cool . on multi-core schooled , say. I'm just for comparison on the iPhone s. each scored on single call. and on multi-core unfortunately I'm going here other. Andrew devices to compare to you as is my first Android device. okay so next ok ease antique season L. the Seas a environment preview. that was originally accessories for hudl for Infinity Blade. unfortunately ugh can seem to find. Infinity Blade on the Q school so maybe season on Westheimer. but this does have benchmark feature built-in. so you can see the. studies the graphics okay so what we gonna do now is just from the benchmark. that's built into the program. olive paste. is rendered life there is nothing pre-rendered in this game. loss if no shadow effects. Mozgov mars lighting and reflections all being done. in real time. so we can see we're averaging around about frames per second. some Muslims effects there. okay so that we can benchmark results. averages frames per second .. and resolution boy h. say and the performance level is high quality sorrow that we go. hopefully that might give you a little insights into the type who's. performance that the tax guy who can deliver a with its quad-core CPU. so once again thanks for watching. please like comments subscribe if you haven't. Angelis be ok with everyone you know