i hate this

rec'd this text:   I talked to amy and a few of my other good friends about some of our talk yesterday and about how i wasnt going to keep my friends apart from you to keep you from getting worked up.  they said maybe we can get together (with their husbands) and maybe have a cookout or something. i thought it might be a good idea. Me: i really wish u hadnt done that ... i'm fine with a cookout but OUR personal life is not really for "several good friends" him: i didnt go into details about yesterday. just that you want to meet my friends. me: we need to talk, not text about this... i am feeling uncomfortable with lots of questions. Can we talk later? him: uncomfortable about what? me:  well i take offense at the phrase " keep me from getting worked up" ... i sure hope it wasnt stated like that him: dont get literal me: words hurt me and thats why i want to discuss this face 2 face. it will be much clearer then, i am sure him:  ok, i thought i was being open like you asked me to be. we can talk later. this upsets me..... that he is discussing these things with others, especially amy - and that depending on what he said, he is painting a not-so-nice picture of me to others.  ugh.