i feel loved

has just had the bestest talk with nick in ages.. really told him how i felt and he was really positive and really supportive...though i had a good old cry to. feel better for letting it all out. told him how i felt like a fauilure to our daughter and how im so scared of the world... ad he still wants to be with me. then had a really nice cuddle with our daughter. was so nice he said '' theres not enough paper in the world to write on to tell you how mch i love you'' =] wow thats deep bit of a headfuck really. i couldnt imagine my life without him alough we have our ups and downs hes my rock.i couldnt ask for anyone better. though sometimes he gets mad at e because i ask him to help wih our daughter in the night and things like that and he makes me feel guilty alt of the time but i do love him. and our eorgous baby girl =]x