I can solve Nashvilles missing Tabitha Tuders

I know who abducted Nashvilles Tabitha Tuders on April 29, 2003: I am that person who is not telling the whole story, not telling what I know, and I am not going to the police. I am the person who is not sharing information because I do not want to get involved, get into trouble, or become entangled. I act like I care about this child, but in reality I do not. Who am I? I could be your neighbor, or daughter, or son, or your friend. I am anyone. I am someone who knows.Thanks to Bo & Debra TudersTuders familyTabitha Tuders was on her way to her east Nashville bus stop on the morning of April 29, 2003 when she was last seen. What really happened that morning has been so bogged down in half-truths, rumors, speculation, and outright lies it is http://Tory-Lane.blogtur.com - Tory Lane - difficult to piece together. Metro Police and assisting officers are doing their best. Nonprofit organizations, the majority of which are sincere, have been working the case. The media have assisted. But when organizations cannot, or will not (some legitimately) share information, when people wont talk, cant tell, or dont want to hear it, stories and lies and truth intermingle. My breaking my silence would put all of the gossip to rest.Every year there is an anniversary to mark her missing. On Saturday, April 28, this year, about 150 motorcycle riders did a memorial ride for Tabitha, and on Sunday, April 29, 2012 a nine-year candlelight vigil was held at her last school, Bailey Middle School. Bailey has a garden in her honor. These are wonderful; for it keeps Tabitha Tuders in the spotlight, reminding people she is still missing. But, they would be unnecessary if only I would come forward and speak.I hold the answer to the question What happened to Tabitha Tuders? I am not speaking. I am letting the gossip fester. I am watching good people spend time and energy looking for this little girl. I know what happened, but I am not telling. Why?I am the only journalist working on the Tabitha Tuders case 24/7 since I began writing for examiner.com in 2009. I have spent much time and my own money in an attempt to find the truth, because I promised Tabitha. On this 9th year of her missing, I would like to thank Tabithas friends for speaking so openly & honestly to me about their friend, in the hopes she may be found. Tabitha's "Missing" Webpage For more information on Tabitha's MISSING case, click HERE and HEREJoin me on FACEBOOK to discuss the caseCredit: photo of J. YatesThanks to the Tuders family for photographs of Tabitha.