I broke my flute. T.T

I dropped it. A wire is bent. The lip plate is broken COMPLETELY OFF. 
At first, it wasn't completely off, but then I tried to fix it... 
It was broken not too long ago, but that was during the school year and my band teachers got into the band fund to pay for the repairs(the repairs cost over $100).
I was practicing, trying to get my A flat to come out. Then, I got it to come out. Then, a few minutes after, I dropped it. 
That's what I get for wishing it would die. That was when I started playing it, though. When I'm actually doing pretty well on it, it breaks. 
My mom know that it's broken, but I accidentally broke the lip plate off after she went to bed... She doesn't know about the lip plate problem yet. I'm pretty sure she will soon.
Earlier, it felt like I was in a nightmare, waiting to die. I think I was about to hyperventilate. I freaked out. I couldn't say much. Cora(my sister) told me to just take some pain reliever and forget about it.  It wouldn't help b/c in the morning. my sister is very helpful.(sarcasm)
But, luckily, I calmed down. I think I'll be fine for now.