i am still trying to figure things out

sometimes I have been flabbergasted at what I have had to go through.when I get to heaven, I am going to tell jesus that he was and still is an awesome person. I will keep saying jesus you are awesome until jesus hears me-- even though I have been throughhell because of my fmily and my disability -- I will always keep stuggling to remember stuff.
I know that my mom was scared at some points in her life. she is at 1989 kiingston cove right now asleep.
that is in league City texas.
let us get something straight I am not mental at this time sometimes I could not say what I felt
as for paul ritter smith when he saw me he knew exactly what was going on. I will probably never see him again.
I know I am a winner at lifes lottery because I was picked by jesus himself to correct something wrong with the united states.
paul smith is not a person I would choose to mess with. paul baby- I see you in heaven. I love you deeply.