I am done I can not do this anymore

I am scared, sad, alone, depressed. Why bother? Nothing is getting better. The stupid hubby will not leave me alone and he is going to come back to Fl with nowhere to live or anything. Are you kidding me? Thank you all for your help but I am at the breaking point. I am drinking as we speak because I can not deal and I can not stop crying. I feel so alone.



Listen Mollgirl i truly thought i would die when i found out about my husbands girlfriend living with him in our house back home in Fl. I was scared beyond belief, id never in my life been alone, i went from my parents house to our place at a week after my 17th birthday.. I stayed at home for the most part and raised the family always looking after everyone\'s needs but my own.... To say i was in fear would be putting it lightly, everything in this world scared me, id never paid bills before and never held a job long enough to pay a bill if i wanted to.
Now 11 months later, the divorce still not final im finding paying bills is really not as hard as id imagined it to be (so long i have the $$$ to pay them, ive had to borrow a great deal)...
I still cry when i least expect it and i miss the family i had and the man i thought id be with forever till i died...Im slowly but surely finally starting to move forward a bit but im still lonely as all get out..For me i like living alone but hate being lonely!
I dont know how long you were married but you cant love someone for a long long time and think you will be able to turn it off like a light switch, i wish it was that easy, im still working on that myself!
Try hard , harder than anything else you have ever done in your life and you will find the strength to persevere!


This horrible chapter in your life won\'t last forever, although it feels like it. I pray you will find relief soon. Remember the good feelings you have had lately. They are a sign of things to come.