"humans murder MILLIONS of animals to find cures to diseases caused by eating animals..."

"....humans kill billions of wild animals to protect the animals that we eat. 
We are destroying our environment to feed to the animals we eat. 
We spend more time, money and resources fattening up the animals that we eat, than we do feeding humans who are DYING of hunger
...we torture and murder MILLIONS of other animals trying to find CURES to diseases CAUSED by eating animals in the first place."   
Mike Anderson
How about just ban killing all animals.   Or, if you kill an animal its equal to killing a human.  Just stop the whole thing! 

headed to the marina.  its supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow, so hopefully i can paint then if it doesn't rain.  soooo much to do. 
there have been home invasions on the news lately, mostly in orlando....so today we had a scare.  some man knocking frantically first on the downstairs door and then upstairs as well, unlocking our gates and leaving them like that!  i couldn't believe it.  there was a woman with him yelling hello, hello as she knocked on my neighbor's door.  i didn't see a car or anything and wouldn't have answered anyway.  there is a CHURCH across the road and a firestation a couple blocks over, if its an emergency WHY didn't they go there?  very odd.  so i will put up a sign. 
dear potential home invader:  do not knock on my door.  if i didn't invite you here, you shouldn't be here.  leave a note and tell me what you are here for.  if you can READ/SEE this note, you are tresspassing.  leave the premises. 
lol.  never thought i'd have to be like that, but i'm with lucille ball on all of this.  tired of the crap.  she used to have iron gates that would smash down onto an invader's car who tried to get in uninvited.  good idea.  everyone KNOWS where they are invited and where they aren't.  there is no way a person thinks a no tresspassing sign "doesn't" mean them.  wth?  there is no way the man today honestly believed he should be on someone's second story DECK.  what a weirdo. 
discovered the office park workers who feed strays have been paying rent on a house they aren't using at all, since JULY.  why in the world would anyone do that?  she is "slowly" packing her things.  hmmmm.  how about pack your personal things and have a church take the bigger stuff, that is so easily replaceable.  why go through any of this?  
also discovered today that it is ILLEGAL to force people to work a religious holiday, i only vaguely remembered this because alllll companies make holidays optional, including our's.  our new area manager doesn't comprehend this.   one of the managers of another company in this office park, overheard the whole thing and is urging us to sue the guy that came up with this, as he said it to so many people.  what a total jerk!  would be nice if they only hired people with some education instead of idiots that don't even read as a hobby - that kind of person is not going to read corporate fliers, they will just do whatever and wait for chaos.  yuck!     
went to dinner with j.  haven't done that in a while.  we ate out jamaican, which i love.  realized as we sat there that the "bones" of the chicken didn't look like chicken bones.  j says, road kill.  i think that is why we stopped going to this place even though the food is fabulous.  isn't that illegal?
went to the town shops for senior citizen discount day  (if you are over 55) .... incredibly if the cashier is young, they can't tell anyone's age, we are alllll old to them, and automatically discount.  lol.  kind of scary though.   



As for the animal thing? Yeah,t hat\'s a great reason for me to continue as a vegetarian---started at age 3 or so, still going!
BTW, yep, illegal on holiday thing, and on the \"chicken\"? Ew!

I can remember the first time that some young kid asked me if I wanted to sign up for the Senior discount. I was a bit pissed but now I\'m over it and welcoming it. lol

Believe it or not.....Christmas is a Federal Holiday and not a religious one.

I know christmas is a federal holiday, but its a religious one as well. the manager got in trouble - if he would just read the bill of rights (which is the first ten amendments of the u.s. constitution) it would give him a clue, what a company CAN and can\'t be sued for in general (plus there is more). he is the second one we have had here in over ten years, who does not know that there are LABOR LAWS. the other one we had honestly believed that if you own a company you can treat people any way you want and never be sued. wth? i was like what year do you think this is? seriously.