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Art and design, be it functional or purely for show, plays as integral a role in our past as it does in our future. Nearly everything with which we come - top article - into contact is a product of design. Interior design and decor shapes our surroundings, while graphic art and design plays a pivotal role in the interfaces and signage we use to navigate the virtual and real world. We turn to paintings, videos, drawings, and photos for leisure, and crafts and handiwork for relaxation. Any and all of these artistic pursuits can even lead to full time careers. Whether art is your calling or just one of your many interests, you will find many resources below that will strengthen your appreciation of its many forms.EDITOR'S CHOICEHow to Make - - a Christmas Bowby CassyLu19813 years agoHave you - you can find out more - ever gotten a gift so nicely wrapped with that amazing bow attached to the front that you don't want to open because it's so pretty? With the help of these instructions you can make your own fancy Christmas...Ten Genius Things You Can Do with a Glue Gunby Lori Green3 months agoIn the past, crafters used glue guns to piece things together easily and quickly, but now we are discovering that the glue gun has many other uses. Here are my favorite ten.Painting on Stones Is a Craft That Rocks!by PURPLECANDY2 months agoLearn about painting on stones and - - how to get started with your rockin' new hobby!Soften Up That Stiff, Scratchy Acrylic Yarnby Kennedi Brown17 months agoStuck using acrylic yarn because your project is big, it's all you can find, or the only yarn available in the colors you need? Don't fret! You can make it just as soft as some of the pricier yarns.EDITOR'S CHOICEFive Common Crochet Mistakes and Tips for Beginnersby Tealparadise12 months agoIn this article we'll go over the most common crochet mistakes made by beginners.We love the range of topics on HubPages.