Howard Marans MD: Where Should I Go for Shoulder Pain Management in Fountain Valley?

Shoulder Pain Management
In Fountain Valley, finding the best doctor to help with shoulder pain management will take some research. Ask for referrals, research online reviews, speak to the health insurance representative or get a recommendation from a family doctor. Each option will produce the best choice.

Allowing for a wide range of movement, the shoulder consists of two main bones the scapula and the humerus with a connecting flexible joint. Arthritis and various shoulder injuries, including a torn rotator cuff or impingement syndrome may cause pain and limit range of motion. Using different shoulder pain management techniques may help in alleviating the symptoms.

Before implementing a shoulder pain management routine, an accurate diagnosis should be the first step. Pain may be an indicator of a larger problem, including pinched or damaged nerves, a bone fracture, and numerous other related joint disorders. In Fountain Valley, in order to receive an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will usually begin with a physical exam followed by testing.

- X-rays to determine if the shoulder area has fractures, a tumor or arthritis
- MRI to help in diagnosis any types of problems with nerves, tendons or ligaments
- Electrodiagnostic study may be implemented if the shoulder pain is combined with numbness and tingling

Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Management
Unless the damage is too severe, the best Fountain Valley doctor will begin with non-surgical options to help with the overall healing process. In many cases a non-surgical shoulder pain management treatment program is enough to ease the symptoms of pain and discomfort.

- Rest and avoiding any activities that contribute to the stress or adds pressure to the shoulder.
- Ice packs to help reduce swelling and pain may usually be applied in 20-30 minute intervals every 3-4 hours or as directed by a health care professional.
- Heat may also be applied to help ease the pain in the muscles
- Anti-inflammatory medications with or without a prescription may help reduce pain and inflammation.
- Corticosteroids may be administered through injection. The medicine will go directly into the joint area aiding in reducing inflammation.
- Topical creams with an analgesic to help ease the pain
- Physical therapy exercises to help strengthen muscles to ease the pain

When conventional approaches fail, surgery may be the next step in the shoulder pain management treatment options. The type and invasiveness of the surgery depends on the problem. In most cases, shoulder surgery will be conducted in one of the two major methods.

- Arthroscopic surgery is less invasive with small incisions made to fix joint damage. The recovery time is less with this option, getting a patient back to a normal daily routine in a faster manner.
- Open surgery is often implemented in more severe cases where the orthopedic surgeon needs a better view of the damaged area. Open surgery has a longer healing and recovery process.

Fountain Valley Shoulder Pain Management
Under some circumstances, physical therapy may also be prescribed after surgery to help regain strength and flexibility in the shoulder area.

In Fountain Valley, Dr. Howard Marans can guide a potential new patient through all the various shoulder pain management options to achieve an optimal outcome. He accepts PPO and will work with other insurance companies to give the highest level of care without creating a financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.