How Your Child Can Suffer From Smoking Throughout Pregnancy

Many women know that they are putting their unborn child at risk when they smoke while pregnant. But many might not know the full extent of the risk. There exists a long list of possible risks and consequences for any baby whose mother - - smoked while pregnant. Inhaling used smoke may even cause negative effects on your child. So a mom really has to make sure that she is protecting not just herself, but her baby whilst she is transporting. Even if you don't have support at home, there are support systems available and many safe methods for quitting. The following is information on the devastating results smoking while pregnant may have on your child.
A well known fact is that when you smoke so does your baby.
Carbon monoxide and pure nicotine are just some of the harmful chemicals that both you and your baby inhale whilst smoking. Stop smoking now. Formaldehyde is just one of the hundreds of chemical substances that are - How To Quit Smoking Weed - put into cigarettes.
There is an fascinating statistic concerning infants in whose mothers smoked during pregnancy. The heart rate of babies of smoking moms is greater than those of low smoking moms. Cigarette smoking mothers have babies with heart rates that are about 30% higher than nonsmokers. We are referring to mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Why this problem exists is tough to identify. Part of the reason may be that the smoking prevented the baby from receiving the normal quantity of oxygen.
It's natural for parents to want their children to do well in life and also to excel in every area, including academically. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to problems with your child's mind. This is because smoking causes the baby to receive inadequate amounts of o2 from the mother. It is difficult to find out the precise affects on later on years. Still, there are definite correlations between the mom having smoked during pregnancy and kids with a variety of learning problems. Smoking during pregnancy can result in several unwanted effects for your unborn baby. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to discover which demands more study be done. But the end result is clear when it comes to the negative effects of smoking on a fetus. Finding a way to quit smoking is essential for pregnant women. When you consider it, many people do not quit because it is too hard or they are certainly not ready to quit. We strongly encourage you to do more reading and study on this subject. Pregnant women especially should get help from their doctors to conquer their nicotine addiction.