How Touse Pinterest Officially

Information that is pinterest says it can't take hooks from thsiswebsite - what occurred? That is a shadowy region - Pinterest involves that they're able to re-use pictures that are pinned, and you ought to simply pin those you're officially permitted to, why - pinterest clone script - you shouldn't pin work you don't have permission to which is. But many do.
it doesn't however have the power as a number of the sites, plus because Wizzley is somewhat new, Pinterest supplies sends traffic to my pages than Bing, Bing and Aol mixed.
We have read some problem concerning the privileges that Pinterest should have people (re)green a (connected to their Hub) image on their site, something that wouldn't stop to be an issue if we were to get rid of the Green It button, because so many Pinterest people pin points utilizing a bookmarklet on their browser toolbar.
I'm still onthefence about Pinterest since supposedly once a photo is posted, they could do whatever they hope withit and also the credit may well not return to the originator of the image.