How to Remove Shower Ceramic Wall Tile Video

How to Remove Shower Ceramic Wall Tile DescriptionMark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus shows how to remove ceramic wall tiles from a ceramic tile shower.Transcript Hi Im Mark Donavan from And today, Im starting a bathroom remodeling project.Where were going to first start is this ceramic tile shower. Were going to basically remove all of the ceramic tiles, so that we can put in the brand new style and pattern of tile. And were going to take everything out down to the very bare and standard walls. And were going to remove the fibrolite shower painting and put a full blown shot remembering panel line here. So were going to do full customs from the top shower.So before we begin removing any tile, were going first remove the shower head. Its so nice we removed the shower handle from the shower faucet therein. So now, were removing the cover plate from the shower. So I'm just removing a couple of screws and then this will all peel away. Now that the two screws are removed, you can just pull the cotton plate right off. Okay. So this isnt new to demolition projects, so were going to use a hammer and a couple chisels and a flat bar. Ive also put some cardboard down at the bottom of this shower pan. Is this fiber glass shower plan? Im actually planning to removing this as well. But if you want it to retain your shower pan, exist the shower pan, you may want to put some cardboard in to protect from any falling tile.When removing tile, its very important to wear a goggles, besides that you can see these goggles you added protection on the sides. I recommend you all use this application for the project, and a pair of leather gloves, so you dont cut your self. So all Im using here is a hammer and a chisel here to start out. Weve been getting the bull-nose edge tile out and tapping on the side and lifting underneath. As you can see, its coming well and fairly easy.Anyway, you continue this process all the way around until you effectively remove all the tiles. And once youre done, well remove the marker board and then finally the shower pan itself. So Im using a flat bar here to get some of the tiles in the middle of the shower wall. It works clearly well. You just put in a low angle and tap with the hammer to pill out the tiles. For faster way to remove the tiles, the best work will across. And then using a flat bar, just work your way down, quickly peeling back the tiles. You want to make sure dont tear the ceiling at all. What do I do is my going to use my utility knife and make a cut along the edge of the tile where its attached to the ceiling or caulk comes in contact with the ceiling. Theres a bit of the caulk here and we step this, we should be able to prevent the top from pulling away and ripping the ceiling texture.So weve worked our way around part of the shower installer. Weve removed one side. Were now working our way down to the second side. And were just continue to work our way the rows of tile to wrap up this job. As you can see, its a very dirty, dusty job. You definitely want to make where you got is all fine and a heavy pair of work glass so you dont get cut on a ceramic tile. So it does that weve removed all of the old ceramic tile from this three by three shower stall area. The next phase of this project will be removing all the backer board and then installing new backer board. We mentioned the new shower pan and eventually, the new ceramic tile.If you have other home improving questions, visit us at today.
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How to Remove Shower Ceramic Wall Tile
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