How To Prove The Value Of Inbound To Your Cfo [free Kit]

If you're a marketing leaderwho knows the valueof inbound marketing, you mayhave already implemented pieces of inbound into your overall marketing strategy. And you're probably findingthat you need toshift resources around -- or get more of them -- to make the changes needed to increase lead generation, reduce costs, and grow new markets.
Another obstacle that could be standing between youand yourvision for more effective marketing? Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
If you've ever had trouble communicating the value of inbound marketing to your CFO in a way they understand, you're not alone. ManyCMOs have expressed how difficult it is to make a case for inbound whenthey and theirCFO seem to be speaking entirely differently languages. But getting their buy-in is vital for securing an investment for augusta local marketing your inbound strategy.
That's why we created this kit: Proving the Value of Inbound: The Ultimate Kit for Convincing Your CFO .
This kit, which includes both a pocket guide for your referenceand a customizable PowerPoint template that you can present to your CFO,is designed to help youmake a business case for inbound that appeals better to the rest of your executive team. It'll show you how to position inbound marketing in a way that the financial-minded members of yourC-suite can get excited aboutand endorse.
We've found that one of the keys to making that happen is being able to talk about inbound marketing using financial terms.Another is being able to show that inbound marketing analytics play a major part in attributing dollars spent to revenue generated.
Today, with some companies spending as much as 10% of their annual budgets on marketing, putting hard numbers against marketing performance is music to the C-Suites ears. What they may not realize is that thats one of inbound marketings strengths -- and conveying that strength will bethe key to opening the C-Suites minds and winning their support.
So, how can you use this kit?
Read the pocket guide for helpful, detailed tipsonhow to sell inbound to your CFO.
Customize the PowerPointpresentation with your own firms data and perspective.
Implement your inbound marketing vision and enjoy the results.
When youre done, we'll bet your C-Suite will finally get the value of inbound marketing. Youll finally be able to implement your inbound marketing vision.
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