How to Potty Train Your Dog in 30 Days Or Less

Four those puppies that may out grow their crate, use a crate that is sized for adult and partition it to smaller size using a homemade insert or a crate insert made by the crate company.Training and PraiseAlways use a leash when teaching a new dog (or puppy) where to eliminate. Leashes are helpful as they keep your dog close to you, where you can supervise and control everything that happens. Mostly everyone who has a dog would agree they are easily distracted. A new flower, blowing leaf, stick, or another animal can take your puppy's mind of the matter at hand. However, if you are near the puppy (or dog) with the leash in hand, a gentle tug will redirect him away from the curiosity.Words are powerful and when repeated they communicate effective messages to your dog.You can teach words for elimination. Good words are "go potty" for urination and "go poop" for defecation. This way when the puppy understands what the words mean, he will understand what I want as well as when I want it to happen. Your choice can be any word or phrase you want to use consistently, such as "let's go," "hurry up," "business time," "potty time" and the most popular word used, "tinkles." Please remember when you choose your word or phrase that you will be repeating it A Lot!!Using the Leash & Words to TeachWhen you take your dog outside on a leash, start to teach him the word outside. In time, the dog will learn that the word outside is associated with elimination. Eventually you will be able to ask the dog "do you have to go outside?" and you'll be surprised by the response you'll get. Many people report their dogs do things like barking and running to the door with their tail wagging. I suggest a slip leash because it is quick and easy to slip on the puppy to take him outside. Sometimes puppies aren't used to the leash, in this case slip the leash and carry the puppy from his crate to outdoors so you don't risk accidents in the house.Once outside, set the puppy down and change your mantra to your word or phrase potty time. It's OK if puppy sniffs and moves around a little, but keep him in a general area. Whenever puppy is distracted by a leaf or squirrel give the leash a tug and repeat "Go Potty." When elimination occurs, use a happy tone and repeat "Good go potty".Use these advice words only to reinforce elimination, because petting and treats can interrupt the act. Please remember verbal praise needs to happen during the act, and after. Dogs usually urinate first, and then defecate.Timing is essentialWhen puppy eliminates appropriately, he has earned his freedom from his crate. The best time for a puppy to be out of his crate is after eliminating appropriately outside.There are certain indications each time puppies need to eliminate: abrupt stop of play, circling, sniffing, running out of the room with the "look" on his face. You will eventually become familiar with these warning signs.AccidentsAccidents will happen. We all know that it's no fun cleaning up a mess. Be sure to take advantage of the training moment when you catch the puppy in the act of inappropriate elimination. Doing so will facilitate an effective lesson.