How to Make Homemade Naturally Scented Soap - Home Tips & Advice

Homemade soap is not for the absent-minded or for those who add a dash of this and a pinch of that when they're making a recipe. Soap is based on the chemical interaction of fats, lye and water. It takes patience and following a precise recipe. When successful, the resulting soap is creamy, lathers well and smells wonderful. Vary the scent with different essential oils.Step 1Put on the goggles and rubber gloves. This is very important because lye burns.Step 2Fill the pitcher with 8 oz. distilled water.Step 3Weigh the glass container. Add enough lye so the container plus the lye equals the weight of the container plus 3.35 oz. For example: If the glass weighs 4 oz., the weight of both - - the glass and the lye should be 7.35 oz. The weight has to be exact.Step 4Add the lye to the water - benefits of using coconut oil on the skin - very slowly and carefully. Avoid splashing. Stir. The water will turn cloudy and then clear. The lye solution will heat up. It may even start bubbling. Stir until the lye is completely dissolved.Step 5Set aside to cool in a safe place until the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to check the temperature.