How to Make a Narcissist Leave You Alone, FOR GOOD!

For anyone who’s been in a relationship with a narcissist, they can understand that making a narcissist leave you alone is like trying to leave the planet. Somewhat impossible. Or so that is how it feels most of the time.

One big reason people stay in a narcissistic relationship is because they feel like they can never leave. They feel like they could never escape. A majority of the reason they feel like this is because of the psychological and emotional abuse they deal with when in that narcissistic relationship. After everything the narcissist says and does as well as all the psychotic threats that come out of them (not to mention the psychotic actions of the narcissist) it generates fear and confusion into the victim. The victim understands what THE VICTIM wants but is stuck in the narcissist’s grip so tightly that they are afraid to take any action to leave. Ending toxic relationships


When a narcissist feels threatened or feels that they are losing control, they will do anything within their power to KEEP that control. And when I say anything I mean anything. From making false promises, saying everything the victim wants to hear to the psychotic actions of stalking you at your work or calling your phone (literally) 100 times a day. Leaving text messages that first start out as “I can’t live without you” or “You’re the only one I need” to the psychotic side of threats and “No one will have you if I can’t”. Pfff.

Trust me I’ve been in this type of situation before in my former narcissistic relationship. And I can tell you that most of this talk and action is their way to get the victim to stay with them, no matter what. The narcissist will go through great lengths to keep their victim under their control until they realize, one good day, that the victim will not budge and will not tolerate any more. No matter what the narcissist says or does.

Don’t get me wrong dealing with a narcissist CAN be deadly and getting rid of them will be darn right ugly. But it can be done. You just need to learn to put your foot down and stop allowing them to control your life and especially YOUR MIND! Leaving an abusive marriage

Some steps you will need to take to get rid of a narcissist for good are essential and can be very HARD. A victim may feel like giving up when doing this because it can become very stressful and bring on a lot of anxiety and worry. But I encourage you NOT TO GIVE UP. Continue doing what you need to do by ANY MEANS. And think of the long term effects, not just whats happening in the NOW. This is for the betterment of YOUR life, not his. YOU are in control. NOT HIM! And you need to get that through his head, by any means necessary. That is the ONLY way he will realize you are serious and that his playing games with you ARE DONE.