How to hold the ultimate party in Singapore

From locking down over-the-top venues to dealing with food allergies and time management, parties can be as sleep depriving for planners as they are for partiers.But when done right, parties become life-affirming events fondly recalled for decades to come. Or at least recovered from for weeks afterward.Here's how to plan and host the ultimate Singapore bash.Pick a hot venueS.E.A. AquariumMarine Life Park's massive Ocean Gallery is available for your party. For a blue-hued or "sleeping with the fishes" mafia-themed party, the recently opened S.E.A. Aquarium at the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa is available for rent.Events can be scheduled after 7 p.m. (when the venue is closed to the public), though early closures can be arranged.The Ocean Gallery space holds 320 guests across three levels for a standing cocktail party against a backdrop of the world's largest marine viewing panel (sharks, manta rays, etc.) measuring 36 meters wide and more than 8 meters high.With floor-to-ceiling panels encircling the Ocean Dome, plus an observation dome on the ceiling, it's a hard to say who's the observer and who's the observed.The watery world can be your oyster, with a dedicated in-house entertainment team and Resorts World Sentosa's 1,500-strong culinary team at your disposal.Resorts World Sentosa; +65 6577 9977;www.rwsentosa.comMore on CNN: World's largest oceanariumRooftop barsSingapore's sky high bars, Ku De Ta included, will happily book out their spaces for your ridiculously high-end party. Rooftop venues are a no-brainer -- open skies, a panorama of city lights and a sea of commuter drudges scurrying about below as you play king of the hill.Perched on the 57th floor SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands, Ku D Ta towers 200 meters above the eponymous bay.The VIP area can be booked for private get-togethers of approximately 100 guests. Cost depends on the scale of the event, but to get a rough indication, VIP tables on a normal night command a minimum spend of SG$2,500 (US$2,050) for up to 10 people.Also vying for rarified air is multi-level 1-Altitude at One Raffles Place. You can book the entire complex or any of the three venues on their own, but if you're going to go big, you might as well go the full 282 meters to the top.The 63rd-floor rooftop bar can hold up to 250 guests looking down at the aforementioned Ku D Ta across the water.Minimum spend to take the entire rooftop is a cool SG$42,500 (US$34,825), exclusive of the additional cost to book a contingency indoor area on select days.Ku D Ta; +65 6688 7688;; +65 6438 0410;www.1-altitude.comMore on CNN: Singapore's best cocktail barsSuper-yachts Cram up to 30 guests onto Hye Seas II, an Azimut 116 super-yacht. Partiers want pesky everyday issues momentarily forgotten, and what better place to leave them than in the wake of a super-yacht?Of the two super-yachts available through Simpson Marine, the bigger and badder is Hye Seas II, an Azimut 116 with a capacity to host 30 guests.The slightly less sexy Nymphaea starts from SG$20,000 (US$16,405), but the 108-footer can hold up to 50 guests.An eight-hour charter from 4 p.m. to midnight for 25 guests starts at SG$39,000 (US$31,990), inclusive of food and non-alcoholic drinks.Simpson Marine; +65 6274 3359; www.simpsonmarine.comMore on CNN: 10 - photography backdrops - outrageous yachts for hireTake tips from party prosAs long as there's a healthy supply of drinks -- you can't go wrong with Dom -- guests will have a good time. The ultimate party is but - collapsible backdrops - self-delusion unless you have enough dough to blow. And the expertise to put together a truly memorable event."One of the many factors that affect [party] design decisions is the spending power of the client," says Gostelow Spencer, creative director of boutique events company Cream Events Singapore.For larger parties, Spencer suggests one of the many rooftop venues in Singapore, though he personally enjoys working with unique venues such as old shop houses and design establishments.For smaller groups looking to light up the night, Spencer suggests organizing a series of events, which can culminate aboard a yacht or on a rooftop."One of the truly successful parties we run is on a party bus going to all the awesome clubs," he says."We select clubs with the best music and suitable ambience, and on board the party bus we provide champagne, cocktails and crazy entertainers to keep the mood up through all the destinations."For a quieter party, E.T., head concierge at Singapore'sPersonal Concierge, suggests two connecting suites on the high floors of Marina Bay Sands hotel."They have a great balcony and face the most scenic part of Singapore, the Marina Bay platform and Fullerton Hotel," says E.T. "Just make sure you have enough booze to keep the party going!"More on CNN: Best Singapore rooftop barsIf you'd like to impress guests with your creativity rather than your ability to splash lots of cash, think Singaporean.For New Year's Eve, high-end events specialist Insurgence is planning a bash at an abandoned bungalow on Keppel Hill overlooking the Straits."The stunning colonial structure will combine the excitement of a club with the privacy of a house party, and entry is strictly by invite only because the guest list is key in ensuring a quality party," says Insurgence director Aaghir Yadav.For smaller groups, Yadav encourages clients to play to their strengths."To reward their top customers, one spa client requested a girl's-only party with manicures, pedicures and drinks," he says. "Boring! Instead, we're going that little extra and transforming the event into a luxurious six-hour immersion spa experience with service -- buff male butlers, one butler per client -- scents, champagne and little details that push it to the ultimate."Teleos Dining founderAaron Olivera recounts an event his team organized aboard a luxury 132-foot yacht in the Riau Archipelago.During breakfast, six couples were treated to a show from 16 synchronized swimmers at sea while they enjoyed beluga caviar, king crab and blue lobster flown in from France the same morning."When organizing events we think of how we can blow these people away and leave them a little bit different than how we first found them," says Olivera."Every single detail counts. It's not the food, it's not the venue, it's not the entertainment, it's how all that is put together. It's the energy that goes into it that will determine how people experience it."More on CNN: Top 'fixers' for the super-rich traveler