How to get your teeth fixed for free or low cost in Los Angeles: Dental care for low income families

As the economy is tough, cutting corners isn't unheard of in Los Angeles and Southern California. One of the first things that might be skipped on a low income plan is dental care. Taking care of teeth sometimes isn't a big of a priority as eating, that is until you find yourself with a toothache or worse.In the Los Angeles area, there are programs and opportunities to get low income or free dental help if you look. Sometimes it is over whelming if you don't know who or where to ask for assistance as these resources aren't always readily known in the community.One place that offers a lower payment for any income bracket patient is the UCLA School of Dentistry. While you will be seeing dentists in training, the doctors are supervised and can help you with an emergency situation or routine check up. To get an appointment may take you a few weeks as this is a very popular option.Another option is the low cost/no cost clinics in Los Angeles. Working with health care professionals, the opportunity to actually have your teeth fixed in a professional manner - - means asking for assistance. Many medical groups who work with low income individuals and families will give recommendations to find free or low costs dental group. href='' - -