How to get rid of a gummy smile without surgery?

If you have a gummy smile that is making you self-conscious and unhappy, it may be time to do something about it. Fixing a gummy smile has traditionally been done by surgically removing some of the extra gum tissue. However, not everyone is keen on having surgery, so how is it possible to get rid of a gummy smile without surgery.What is a gummy smile?A gummy smile refers to the wide ribbon of gum that is exposed when some individuals smile. For people with this problem, the upper lip tends to stretch up very high, leaving as much as 4 millimetres of gum showing, which makes the smile look ‘gummy’. It also makes the upper jaw, teeth, and gum tissue appear out of balance.Cosmetic surgeons and dentists suggest that the ideal smile is one where the upper lip can be seen just above the top of the teeth, and there is no more than 2 millimetres of gum showing.What causes a gummy smile?Gummy smiles are often the result of genetic factors such as excessive gum tissue, the size and shape of the teeth, as well as a short upper lip. The problem may also be due to a hyperactive upper lip which moves around a lot. This causes the lip to lift up higher than normal when you smile.Is your gummy smile bothering you?Ideally a smile is supposed to be an expression of joy and happiness, but unfortunately individuals with a gummy smile often feel self-conscious. There are times when children are bullied about their gummy smile, and this often leads to feelings of embarrassment. Very often this causes them to smile closemouthed, rather than show off their beautiful pearly whites. As a result of this early teasing, they often choose to fix their gummy smile when they get older.Treatment for a gummy smileIn the past, surgery was the only recommended treatment for a gummy smile. This usually involves orthodontic treatment or periodontal surgery. However, surgery is often painful and costly, so people who want to get rid of their gummy smile are now going another route. They are choosing less invasive options such as injecting the upper lip or ‘elevator’ muscles.Injecting the upper lip musclesFor people with a gummy smile, the upper lip muscles tend to stretch upwards to a higher level than normal. By injecting these muscles it is possible to paralyse them, so that they do not contract. As a result, the upper lip will not lift up very high when you smile, so the gum will be less visible.The procedure is quick and easy, and can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Many people find it more appealing than surgery, because there is minimal discomfort, and it is also less costly.Injecting the upper lip does not require any anaesthesia, but an anaesthetic cream or cold pack may be used to numb the area, in order to reduce any discomfort. There is typically no downtime after treatment, therefore patients can resume their normal activities almost immediately.This is a temporary option, as the effects only last 3-4 months. Patients will therefore have to repeat the procedure in order to maintain their improved smile.FillersFillers are another non-surgical option for a gummy smile. These fillers are also used to slightly augment the height of the upper lip. This will result in less gum showing when you smile. This option is also temporary, lasting 4 to 6 months.Before recommending the best treatment for your gummy smile, your doctor will first determine the exact cause of the condition. Understanding the reason will go a long way in recommending the best solution.If you are embarrassed by your gummy smile, and would like to do something about it, contact Wellcare Medical Centre, Kingston, QLD. At Wellcare Medical we use injections and fillers for gummy smile reduction.Call (07) 3133 4483 today to schedule an appointment. Our doctors will do an evaluation of your gummy smile, and then let you know if the options we have available would be right for you.